May 11-14
Brooklyn Parlor Rock Comes to L.A.
The Little Brooklyn Bridge Festival brings together three Brooklyn-based bands and two L.A./Brooklyn hybrid bands, for a series of L.A. concerts showcasing the best parlor rock that Brooklyn has to offer.


Sat May 11: Sweet Soubrette at The Roxy, 10pm
Sun May 12: Whale Fall + Kotorino + Peach & Knife + Charming Disaster at Center for the Arts Eagle Rock, 6pm
Mon May 13: Charming Disaster at Skinny’s Lounge, 11pm
Tue May 14: Kotorino + Peach & Knife at Villains Tavern, 9pm

May 12, 2013 Little Brooklyn Bridge Festival show featuring Whale Fall, Kotorino, Peach & Knife, and Charming Disaster


Whale Fall: An L.A.-based instrumental collective whose history dates back to previous incarnations in Brooklyn in the early 2000s, Jared Matt Greenberg (keyboards and trumpet), David Pomeranz (guitar), Ali Vazin (guitar), Erik Tokle (bass), and fresh-off-the-boat Brooklyn transplant Aaron Farinelli (drums) navigate the heights and depths of creating live cinematic musical environments, complete with accompanying visual delights. 

Kotorino: Jeff Morris leads Kotorino in darkly elegant, gypsy-flavored chamber pop with carnivalesque touches. Vocal harmonies are haunting and lyrics flirt with adventure, unease and triumph. WNYC says: “Kotorino has one of the most unique and unusual sounds of any band, ever…quite pretty, and downright haunting.” 

Peach and Knife: Recent Brooklyn transplant and L.A. native Molly White joins Italian-born Elena Degl’Innocenti in this duo project on guitar and ukulele for acoustic living room music that captures two side of life: dark psychological moods and the wholesome goodness of a tree bearing fruit. The music is lucid, unsettling, and always inspiring.

Charming Disaster: Jeff Morris and Ellia Bisker team up in this supergroup, performing duets about murder, auto theft, paranormal romance, carnival performers, con artists, and more, exploring through song the different kinds of trouble a couple of people can get into.  New York Music Daily describes Charming Disaster as “dangerously torchy noir cabaret and gypsy rock.” 

Sweet Soubrette: Indie rock meets cabaret: Time Out New York says "Sweet Soubrette’s style comes with a pinch of Regina Spektor quirk and a spoonful of old-timey burlesque.” The Deli Magazine praises front woman Ellia Bisker’s “rock star command and intelligently crafted music.” 


The Little Brooklyn Bridge Festival brings together three Brooklyn-based bands and two L.A./Brooklyn hybrid bands for a series of L.A. concerts from May 11-14.  Showcasing the best parlor rock that Brooklyn has to offer, as well as the influences of Brooklyn on L.A. bands, each group offers a unique musical experience, united by a common thread: intimate yet theatrical songs with dark, expressive lyrics, intense harmonies, and a hint of gypsy wildness (also, ukuleles).